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Chipp Studio was created in 2015 as a outsource development agency. We were so happy to create nice and functional apps for our clients. Meanwhile, we make our app Evaluate Day. The app is already unavailable in the App Store, but you can still see the source code on our GitHub profile.

Since the middle of 2019, Chipp Studio has no more an outsourcing agency. We decided to concentrate on our projects. But these plans were not destined to come true. And the activity of Chipp Studio was stopped.

Present days

After 3,5 years Chipp Studio transforms from an outsourced agency to a one-man indie development software company.

I’m so glad to present our first product - Words Stack. I believe it is the best app to learn new words and build your own vocabulary in a foreign language.

About CEO 😁

Hi there, nice to meet you. I’m Konstantin, the founder, designer, and developer of Chipp Studio.

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