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iOS & Co Development

iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS are a large family of operating systems developed by Apple. We love these systems and love to develop cool apps for them. We use the latest technologies and developments, both Apple's and our own. This allows us to create applications quickly and efficiently.

Android native development | Chipp Studio

Android & Co Development

Mobile operating system with the largest number of users. Android is not limited to phones and tablets, it also works on TVs, watches and even cars. Our experts are ready to develop applications for you, of any complexity, which works everywhere where Android works.

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UI & UX Design

Design isn’t about pretty images. It’s all about conveying information to the users in the form they understands the best. This is where our designers show their talent.

Considering all UI and UX techniques, with well thought out wireframes they create designs that make people enjoy every second of using the app. And if users like interacting with the app this leads to a large numbers of downloads.

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Back-end Development

Our focus to build full-stack mobile products meant hiring experienced backend and web developers to complete the rest of the product team. And that paid up a lot, as now we can have integrated teams in house, covering all the components of your product, from front-end to back-end, from design to product management. And you don't really know what difference that makes in delivering projects in time and budget until you've done it.

Do you already have the app? We help to make its better. | Chipp Studio

Application Audit

Do you already have a mobile app? Do you want to make it more user-friendly and profitable for you? We will conduct a UI/UX audit, analyze various usage scenarios and provide recommendations for the improvement.

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Are you not sure if it's possible to implement your idea in a mobile application? Do you doubt whether it will pass the test in the App Store? Or have a vague idea of ​​how mobile products are created? And you want to figure it all out? We are happy to share our knowledge in this field.

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iOS native development | Chipp Studio

Analytics Systems Integration

Do you want to understand what users are doing in your application? We will set up an analytics system for you. We will tell you how to use it. We will teach you to analyze the data obtained and draw correct conclusions based on them. After that you will be able to make informed and correct product decisions.

iOS native development | Chipp Studio

Application Support

The work on the application is never done. There are always new ideas, new needs that you want to implement in a mobile application. Our team will support your application, quickly closing down problem areas and integrating new functionality.

iOS native development | Chipp Studio

Argument Reality

Transfer some of the functionality of your application to the augmented reality. This will undoubtedly improve the application in general and will transfer it to the user's world. We are ready to introduce augmented reality on iOS and Android using ARKit and ARCore technologies respectively.

Offer and Warranty

We help make useful technical specification for free | Chipp Studio

Free Technical Specification

Our goal is to provide excellent service for our customers. And this is not possible without much preliminary work. That's why we decided to help you deal with all the nuances before you decide to start work. We will help you to understand what is really needed in your application or what is missing. We will compose a detailed technical assignment which will serve as a good basis for development and we will do it absolutely free of charge.

Our work is our responsibility and we will fix all issue in our code for free | Chipp Studio

Lifetime Warranty

We value our work and are responsible for it. We also understand the importance of a stable application for business. Unfortunately, development without errors does not exist. We are ready to correct all our missteps that will appear during the operation of the application. And we will do this for the life of the application.